What Happened When I Attempted To Red Pill Random Strangers

A friend and I attempted to red pill some normie strangers. Likely a Puerto Rican, my compatriot larps as a Spaniard. I blame the Spanish race for most of the troubles in the world. The Spanish… constantly reminding you that they are European am I right? Its like, we get it, Spain is part of a peninsula off Europe – and no Portuguese for god sake. The Spanish, basically Portuguese. Anyway… this was my first experience trying to red pill normies (strangers) in real life. I think the results are instructive for those that might attempt similar things in the future, so I thought I would share.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. I’m fairly certain that I scared the hell out of most of these people – and totally annoyed them as well.  The main overall objective was of course to attempt to devise a good or even optimal strategy one can take when undertaking such endeavors. The shock treatment is what worked for me so that’s what I tried during three different interactions in total. I just hit them over the head with it. No Vaseline. JQ everywhere.

I think its safe to say, generally speaking, that most people are likely to react in disbelief or doubt when presented with Alt-Right positions for the first time. This is good in my opinion as it automatically initiates the first stage in what is going to be a varying process for everyone. People can be persuaded by reason but most people need to experience something for them to change their views. What we are looking for here is a life experience that waters the seeds that we plant. This experience (especially if you are just approaching random strangers) is going to stand out starkly in their minds, especially if they’ve never heard any of the forbidden things you fire at them in rapid succession. They don’t know what to say.

The first thing I notice when actually really getting into the thick of things is that the inability to use a certain green cartoon frog to convey a simplified message with humor is a handicap. Some of the Communication theorists I’ve read, like Neil Postman, have argued that the medium from which a message is conveyed profoundly impacts the messages (metaphors) that are culturally adopted. Postman also argued that this process is the only conceivable result that could arise within the context of any unique communications medium. This means that any medium involves an epistemology that ultimately defines what the truth is for people.  In other words, the way in which information is presented matters.

Postman was highly critical of how information is presented on television and argued that the medium necessitated a type of focus on entertainment that presented important information in a disjointed fashion that has been striped of critical context. The words, “Now This” embody everything wrong with the medium – which results in a “peek-a-boo world,” Postman argues in his most well-know work, Amusing Ourselves to Death. In such a world, information floats in and out of consciousness and means little because of its proliferation. For Postman the inevitable end result of having cultural metaphors shaped so significantly by television will be a type of Huxleyan nightmare void of critical thought that requires no brute force from the regime to control the populace. Instead people gleefully embrace what they are told without question, complicit in their own demise.

I’m a bit more optimistic. Emotions were high during the last decade of the Cold War when Amusing Ourselves to Death was published. Postman is relevant here so I thought Id mention him. I might look at some of his work more extensively in regards to its implications for online memetic warfare in a future post. Understanding Postman will ultimately help us define the limits and capabilities of current digital communication mediums and provide insight as to what cultural metaphors might be best to promote. Postman died in 2003. It would probably be advantageous for members of the Alt-Right to search out his remarks and articles about the internet.

Back to the central topic however. Only one of the encounters went poorly I think. Had I known what I knew by the end of the encounter I would have tried a different strategy. He was a 26 year old Nihilist that had given up on just about everything. He was intelligent but hadn’t been exposed to the information before. I think he would have chosen correctly if he had all the facts. It was interesting to see how some of the women the lived with reacted. One of the young ladies was around twenty-five-years-old and another was probably a bit younger. The latter stared daggers at me the whole time but the other was not really oppositional. She took a predictably safe position – one that women often take to ensure that they don’t rock the boat while still providing some validation for what’s being said.

Okay this is a high point that I didn’t expect. A 17-year-old girl and 18- year-old guy were the most based. My friend and I ran into them while looking for a pull off spot around a landing by the lake. The guy seemed like a very upstanding young man. An EMT that worked several other jobs. He had imbibed a lot of the narrative though. I was more impressed by the girl. She was an dully enrolled high school senior (maybe a junior) taking classes at a community college with a concentration in environmental science.

She seemed very optimistic. You could tell she had made a conscious effort to reject Nihilism without even realizing the implications. She was passionate about about the things she cared about. After thinking about it she acknowledged that white people are the primary group that place a high value on the thing she seemed to care most about: the environment. Additionally, she acknowledged that the Earth is likely to become more damaged as it becomes more monocultural. This made me hopefully.

As such, the most valuable thing that can be gleamed from these interactions for the Alt-Right is this highly recommended position to discuss with leftist females. I could tell that the realization might be the start of something in the girl’s mind. I think she felt guilty more than anything that she had never noticed before. Perhaps, next time she notices something she is not supposed to, she will remember some of the things said to her – and maybe she will investigate further. I think she could eventually come around to a lot of our positions. We need more of this.

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    You goys need to get (((Hadding))) on, he’s a National Socialist who thinks whites are incapable of solving problems on their own and need a white superstate to do it for them. He also thinks free markets lead to coercive cartels.