Trump Causes Partisan Shills To Flip On Nearly Every Position

After spending a year plus cheering on Donald Trump’s campaign, both in the primaries and in the general election, this past November 8th, the American people made me prouder than they ever have before in my short life.

Largely behind the vote of working class whites, my countrymen narrowly avoided suicide by electing the first ideological dissident in decades, ending the 40 year reign of moderate neoconservatives in the post Nixon era. As glorious as the moment was, knowing that we had delayed amnesty for a feral brown horde of illegal aliens (only if temporarily), has only been eclipsed by what has followed since.

Trump, who is further to the left on economic and social issues than past republicans, and is decidedly cautious about war, has whipped the Democrats into a frenzy. Partisan lines have been drawn, and it has become abundantly clear that people on the left will do a 180 on any issue if it allows them to virtue signal against Trump’s “racism.” Now suddenly, after enthusiastically cheering on Bernie Sanders and deriding Clinton for her stance on international free trade, it appears that Democrats have become well read Austrian economists, huge fans of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek.

They now claim that international free trade is an absolute economic good, and that it increases GDP. I’m sure we all know the faults in this argument by now, especially from a left wing perspective where they claim to be against corporations, which are almost exclusively the beneficiaries of these type of “free trade” agreements.

After spending eight years calling Bush II a fascist for engaging the U.S. in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Democrats now applaud dwarf kike bitch Madeleine Albright, who was famously quoted saying that she thinks “500,000 dead Iraqi kids was worth it,” for virtue signalling against President Trump’s “anti-American” Muslim travel ban by registering as a Moslem. This is perhaps more proof for what we already know: people on the left politically care more about words than actions.

Saying something is “Islamophobic” is actually worse than vehemently supporting a war that killed millions of Muslims. Even more ironically, after spending decades calling the religious “anti-intellectual mouth breathers,” who would never be on the level of nihilistic anti-theist liberals, Democrats are now poised to elect a religious Islamic zealot, Keith Ellison, to the chair of the DNC.

It’s okay though that Ellison has ties to the pseudo-terrorist organization the Nation Of Islam, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood – and has been quoted rightfully exposing Shlomo’s scheme for world domination, he’s a black man so he gets a pass. Meanwhile, leftists still rant and rave about Trump being an “anti-semite” for being accused of saying that he only kind of people he wants counting his money “are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

We can only hope that the Democrats are stupid enough to install Ellison as DNC chair, it would serve little purpose except for alienating moderate democrats further from a party that has slowly abandoned them.

Sadly it appears Trump will be taking a center-left stance on homosexuality. I would be rather broken up by this if not for the comedic value of seeing the way the left reacts. After unironically railing on for months about how Trump and Mike “throw frag grenades at fag parades” Pence would send sodomites and trannies to concentration camps, they’re now having to come to grips with the fact that Trump is possibly the most pro-sodomite president in modern history and in fact will not gas 6 million queers.

Prior to the election, the left had started turning on white gay men, because of course, they are no longer sufficiently oppressed. Despite being genetic failures, they’re still white and that at least knocks them down a few pegs on the oppression ladder. Although I think pandering to this demographic is foolish (only 14% of gays voted for Trump), at least we now get the benefit of watching Democrats squirm whenever the issue is brought up.

Whether or not we agree with everything Trump does in the next four years (eight years if the left keeps up acting like they currently are), which we undoubtedly will not, at least we will be able to look back in the future and remember the time when a reality TV star and construction tycoon caused half the collective country to lose their minds.