The #ReadAFuckingBook Challenge

Last night I laid out a challenge: READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU HEATHENS!!!!!

The Challenge was in response to abysmal literacy rates, across racial groups, in the United States and other first world countries. The challenge is simple: Read a book every month for the next year (or at the very least, attempt to). I don’t care what the book is, fiction or non fiction. I want us to be the change we want to see, well read white men with a deep understanding of the world around us.

So, to those who are taking up this challenge, and I hope it is all of you, I am compiling an extensive recommended reading list. I am going to start with some essentials here and put out a much more detailed and larger one later on. These books are either what I consider essential to this election cycle, or just our ideology in general, however I personally don’t care if you go read Harry fucking Potter, as long as you are reading a fucking book. Here are some recommendations, either way:


Democracy: The God That Failed – Hans Herman Hoppe –

The most relevant work of Hoppe, a description of the problems with democracy, its history and some solutions, but even that is a simplification. This work can be a bit intimidating to some, but it is essential to the National Capitalist Platform and 100% required reading for those that want to understand our platform, how economics work or why Fascism is actually a good alternative to Democracy.


Art Of The Deal – Donald Trump –

Part biography, part self-help book, part guide to good business practice, the now infamous book the Donald has mentioned in debates and even chided his opponents with “He hasn’t Read Art Of The Deal”, is a great starting point into the mind of Trump, why he operates the way he does in business AND politics, and tips and tricks to help you make better deals as well.


War Is a Racket -Major General Smedley Butler-

The most celebrated and decorated Serviceman in American history, Smedley Butler saw through the bullshit of international adventurism and advocated for non interventionism and protectionism, and railed against the idea of America as the world’s police. War is a Racket breaks down in detail his experiences being a strong-arm for a fruit company, among other things he was forced to do by the pro war left. Smedley later went to congress and was even approached by military leaders to be the face of a coup of the FDR regime.


SJW’s Always Lie:Taking Down the Thought Police -Vox Day and Milo Yiannopolis-

In the modern world, Political Correctness has run amok. Here Vox Day explains how SJWs operate, how to win when they target you, and how to handle them in debate.


The Fifties -David Halberstram-

A fun and personable look, through stories of individuals, at an era both demonized by the left and revered by the right. The Fifties started much of the threads of politics and life in general we see today, from secret communists to the Auto industry to Fast food. This book touches on all of them, in a meaningful way.


Jewish Supremacy: An Awakening To The Jewish Question -Dr. David Duke-

A detailed and exhaustive guide to jewish influence, zionism and more in this riveting book on the culture of Jewish Subversion.


The Call of Cthulu and Other Weird Tales -HP Lovecraft-

I wanted to add some fiction to this list, and keep it high brow. Lovecraft was a reactionary conservative in his day, advocating a return to Aristocracy and Monarchy among other positions. Call of Cthulu personifies his fears of the tentacled monster from across the seas that devoured without pity or mercy, all in it’s path. It is a metaphor for the immigration of the time, liberal values and nihilism. Also a fucked up and enthralling horror story without all the political correlation.

And there you have it. Some choice pieces of literature, recommended by a life long reader and relevant to our audience. So get to the library, go to the book store, hit up Amazon…….JUST READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU HEATHENS!

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  • Richard Onley
  • Richard Onley
  • Lukas Krauts

    Hey goys,
    Very good recommendations, actually I already had two books on my reading list.
    Let me add “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley (Classic. That’s the enslavement the elite has planned for us) & “Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed (if you have doubts on how big the influence by Zionism has been on our homelands, read this book). For the Americans one can also recommend his work “Far And Wide” (it’s availabe for free online)