Why I am siding with the cops right now, and I think you should too.

Police officers in riot gear monitor a rally from the State Capitol to the Xcel Center, site of the Republican National Convention (RNC), in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S., on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008. The RNC will be held from Sept. 1-4. Photographer: Keith Bedford/Bloomberg News

It’s been quite a shitshow since last week. Dead guys with a rap sheet a mile long killed while pulling a gun on officers, a video of some negress and her boyfriend who had been shot claiming (remember, we didn’t SEE him get shot, just the aftermath) he dindu nuffin, 5 police killed in cold blood in Dallas by a BLM sympathetic sniper, other cop killings in Tennessee and elsewhere, and the riots nation wide by BLM groups, closing highways, threatening cops and looting.

The chimp out is real, and as with many of my pieces on here, I am taking a unique stance on this one, and openly siding with police. Before you shit your underoos and drop your phone you are playing pokemon Go on (that is, if you are a libertarian autist) hear me out, you might agree.

I am, in the most theoretical and non important way possible, in favor of Ancapistan. No really! It’s a great thought experiment, tho I see it more in a Hoppean covenant community setting which is more localism than anarchism, it’s a great goal. There are two strategies to get there, with two subsets of each, which are important to dissect even if you aren’t an ancap, as they are important to any change to the power structure. There is top down, and bottom up, and in each there is gradualism and accelerationist. It is helpful to go through them all to see where I ended up, and why being pro police, at least in this situation, is my ultimate conclusion.


Bottom Up

So this is simple. This is the idea that you topple the power structure or government from the bottom up. It is the favorite of communists and marxists, as they see the working and poor classes as the bulk of the revolution. It seems to be a favorite of many Ancaps as well, because I don’t think they have thought it through. There are, as I said, two paths to this, gradualism and accelerationism. I oppose both substrategies as I oppose Bottom Up entirely.

Gradual Bottom Up is basically chipping away at the power structure at its base level, via democratic elections that slowly erode its solvency. Policies like open immigration and the welfare state are perfect examples of bottom up gradualism. The problem here, is it is not actually taking down the system, but morphing it into something else and in this case, that something is exactly what the communists have wanted all along.

Accelerated Bottom Up is more along the lines of violent revolution, or even the more Ayn Randian strategy of talented workers leaving the market. Either way this leaves a power vacuum and with the stage set by the left to blame capitalism, it would be filled quickly by the communists who would offer solutions to the blacks, browns and poor whites who would beg them to fix it. Both of these are recipes for communism.


Top Down

Top Down, in general is trying to take the top off the pyramid. It’s not easy, the base is there, but once you knock the capstone off, the weight on each layer beneath it gets less and less, and thus easier to take off. Again, two flavors.

Accelerated Top Down is basically the go to idea for libertarians, ancaps and Alex Jones Tinfoil Hatters. This is basically ending the fed, collapsing the dollar, or having an all out civil war. In theory I don’t see as many problems as the bottom up strategy, however this version runs into the same power vacuum problems, or a problem that the (((powers that be))) understand economics too and know how to rig the market just enough to keep it going.

This is why Austrian economists often scream of collapse and are wrong. Their predictive models were correct, however the Fed changes the model, or pulls some kind of fast one. This strategy requires waiting for a “happening” to happen, and could very well result in a bigger, more oppressive more multicultural government, easily when they invoke martial law to deal with the ensuing civil unrest.

Gradual Top Down is the one I advocate. Starting with globalism  as the first wave of the fight(thus making me a nationalist) and moving on then to state secession, down to localities and if the stars align and the world all gets on the same page(basically not at all) self governance and ancapistan. This strategy requires voting for smaller government, more localization and so on, advocating secession and other similar things.

These chimpouts fit right into that narrative as to why I would prefer to live separate from the dindus, or at least the masses of them. They show a blatant disregard for the rule of law, whether private or public, and the peace and safety of the community. Say what you want about cops, and I have said PLENTY against them over the years, they represent, to the average american, the line between law and lawlessness.

Taking the stance, as many libertarians and the BLM do, that killing these cops is a good thing is not going to win us any hearts and minds. What it does is make the average natural conservative leaning normies to think we are as bad as them, stupid.

Murray Rothbard once wrote in his article entitled “Right wing populism” that we need to “Unleash the Police” to “Take back the streets”. I fully agree. It’s time we got some Judge Dredd style justice going in these cities and take the proverbial handcuffs off of the officers. They will either beat some respect into these communities, or physically remove enough of them from society to make the rest think twice before they commit crime.

I don’t speak for everyone here on the Irregulars site or in our little outfit, and I am sure they will agree or disagree with me, and I know some of our autiste libertarian fans are shaking at their keyboards in pure Spergtastic rage at the audacity of me here, but when BLM and the cops clash, I side with the cops. Maybe you should put the joint down, pay your fucking taxes and do the same, hippy. Not because you agree with it, but because law and order separates us from the apes, and BLM does nothing to prove that the black community is somehow different from them.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that, while I don’t support the wrongdoing of police and do support them being held accountable for their actions, across the board, I see them as a barrier to lawlessness, chaos, violence and yes, anarchy(in the leftist and mainstream usage of the word).

I support the cops, in so much as they keep the violent street thugs at bay, keep the drug dealers out of my neighborhood, and if that means every once in a while they break my eye socket and make it so I am blind in one eye randomly every few months(YES autists, they did that to me on a bullshit charge I was acquitted of and I still am here saying I support them over the alternative) so be it.

Disagree? Join me live tonight(7-12-16) to discuss it on my live show, The Maxian Position on the Irregulars Youtube Channel.

  • ⒶAnCap DALEK grimmyⒶ

    Great article max! The only thing that i will say. and its probably a non-issue in the next six months. (hopefully) Is that the the gun in the room has turned to the left, they will use it to their will to bring this commie shit in our own faces and if we do not comply we will be dead faster than the dindus that have been getting shot… Its to a point that this election is the most important and if we do not get the right back in office our civilization, my friends, my family, your friends, YOUR SON!! Will be fucked over and destroyed like what happened to many communist regimes in history…

    • Max Sand

      I agree, my point is that when the guns of the cops are turned on criminals, and the left in general, I support it. Turn them on me and I have a different opinion. Right now it’s BLM and leftists and criminals, so I am on the cops side.

      • ⒶAnCap DALEK grimmyⒶ

        same here for right now! and thats the key word… for right now

  • IRONMANAustralia

    This article is racist and I’m offended. Unsubscribed.