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The #ReadAFuckingBook Challenge

Last night I laid out a challenge: READ A FUCKING BOOK YOU HEATHENS!!!!! The Challenge was in response to abysmal literacy rates, across racial groups, in the United States and other first world countries. The challenge is simple: Read a book every month for the next year (or at the very least, attempt to). I don’t care what the book ...

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The Alpha And Beta Males Of Politics

When one thinks of an alpha male, they picture a leader – a self reliant, competent and confident man. They stick to themselves doing the things necessary to improve their self. This sets trends that those around them freely choose to follow. This is a right wing trait. The right wing small or no government position embodies independence. Rightists seek to be the change ...

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10 Signs You Might Be A Cuckertarian

By now everybody knows (or at least should know) that a cuckold is a historical term for a man whose wife has sex with other men. In modern pornography, it’s typically a white man whose white wife has sex with a black man. In the political world, “cuck” has come to describe someone that supports something against their interest. The ...

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