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Manifest Content Destiny

As the Current Year winds down, the production over at your humble Meme Militia, 1st Irregulars, is winding up. This week saw the introduction of “Knights of the Round: Britcast”, our all new, all British show, and soon enough even more new shows will be added to our line up. In addition, we are lining up bigger guests, upping the ...

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How Civilization Falls, Part II: The Parasitic Effect

“Work smart, not hard” is a phrase I have recently come to understand in a greater depth than I have ever in the past. I assumed it to mean when doing manual tasks work the most efficiently to achieve more with less energy. This is of course true but the meaning of this phrase I have found goes much deeper ...

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How Civilization Falls, Part I: Male vs Female

The mind of a man is one of a provider. Evolutionarily speaking, man has needed to provide resources to his family to ensure their well being. Nature provides a constant struggle for survival, as resources are scarce, and competition requires men to out-think their rivals. This competition and scarcity has selected for clever men who are capable of out-competing their ...

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