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The Case For National Capitalism Part 1: The Inorganic Nature Of Fascism

In this multi-part essay series I will demonstrate the superiority of Irregularian National Capitalism to similar competing radical right wing systems of social and political organization. It is my position that the systems of hypothesized Anarcho-Capitalism, historical National Socialism and prototypical Fascism embody within their frameworks strategic and systemic flaws that cannot be overcame in order form an adequate and ...

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Fascism And Natural Order: A Brief Prototypical Critique

The argument that fascism preserves “natural order” is not persuasive. When examined in the proper historical context, one must conclude that the system is inorganic, resulting at the very least from inescapable circumstance. Reactionaries are made when there is little left to conserve. With all other options exhausted, counter revolutionary radicalism may be the only choice for attempting to salvage some modicum of civilized society. Fascism can facilitate this ...

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The Fascist State: A Spiritual Force?

When one evokes the term Fascism many have a specific reaction. This reaction almost always comes from a point of ignorance. A little information from the source is really all that is necessary to truly understand the tenets of Fascism and dispense with the feigned shock and melodrama. What most folk understand or believe about Fascism has been contextualized by remnants of ...

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