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The Bleak Future Of The Western Family Must Be Averted

The family forms the nucleus of community and civilization. Some data suggest however that maintaining these primary units will become harder and harder over time. Studies show that western social norms pertaining to traditional familial relationships have been evolutionarily selected for. Primarily this is to reduce social costs associated with less stable family arrangements. There are many group beneficial effects ...

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Traditional Sexual Norms Are Oppressive Patriarchy Maaaannnnnn

Falling into the Cultural Marxist trap, left-libertarians like Ian Freeman Cuckman and his degenerate team of hipster betas, admitted communists, and wrist-slitting teenie boppers in Keene, NH celebrate their opposition to traditional sexual norms. Doing the state’s work for them, the Keene polyamory cult opposes everything good and wholesome, rationalizing that “as long as it’s voluntary maaaannnn,” its not anybody’s ...

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