RAISE Your Voice, America.

On a wave of America First Nationalism, and on the promise of REAL Immigration Reform, A businessman and TV Host swept his way into the White House.

This Historical Event will echo through the ages, but what will the Legacy be? If we do nothing, the answer may be rather bleak. Now is the time to support President Trump’s fight, more than ever.

The RAISE Act, co-sponsored by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.), has the full support of the President, but he needs you to help as well. The Bill would fundamentally change the way legal immigration works in America in several important ways. It is a shift from pure numbers of immigrants, to a Merit Based Points system.

Each applicant would be rated on this point system to decide their fitness to start the process of immigration. Some of the most important criteria would include The Ability to speak and read English and specialized labor skills. It would also limit Refugee Intake to no more than 50,000 a year. The Bill would disallow any immigrant from collecting welfare benefits which are reserved and paid for by Citizens. This last bit is crucial, as we know that welfare usage by Immigrants, legal or illegal, outpaces usage by citizens by a large magnitude.

The primary beneficiaries of this bill would, of course, be working class Americans, but also the best and brightest potential immigrants who are right now not at the front of the line based on what they can add to the country, instead being passed over for low skill workers who then compete with working class Americans, Refugees who then live a welfare based lifestyle on our dime, or criminal illegals who cross the border illegal and are inherently linked with the Drug Trade, Human Trafficking, Rape And Violence. Instead we would get productive, English Speaking, intelligent and hard working people who want to assimilate and become part of the culture. This in conjunction with The Proposed Wall, ICE and Border Enforcement, No Tolerance For Sanctuary Cities and other Trump Policies are sure to grow the economy and benefit the working class in America, and reduce crime.


So How Can You Help?

Currently the Bill needs 60 Votes in the Senate. It is Unlikely to get that, without a massive outcry of public support. We need to show them the public supports the Cotton/Purdue Raise Act. We can do this by speaking out on Social Media and pressuring Congress to pass this bill. Call your Senator, talk to your friends and family, speak out online and off.

I will be posting a list on this site, of Congressmen who vote against this historic bill. We will be organizing campaigns to either get them to change their mind, or drive them out of office.

There can be no compromise. Congressmen either support this bill or they are unfit to serve. Stand for AMERICA, or Sit Down. This is our chance to Make America Great Again, let’s make it count.