National Capitalism – The 33 Precepts

An ideology for the modern American Man, embracing the roots of the past, the economic ideas of the future and the Ethos that has sustained him for centuries.


National Capitalism, a unique ideology to America, arising from the spirit of the American Man (Manifest Destiny, Rugged Individualism, Civic Nationalism) yet embracing the modern world’s Technology and economic principles, is rising. It is a philosophy that sees the Nation as a buffer against internationalism, globalism and multiculturalism, and advances Capitalist economics as a buffer against communism and socialism. Here we will outline the 33 precepts that must be observed in order for it to function properly.

Part 1: The Nation

  1. The Nation must be preserved in order to stop globalism and communism.
  2. The Nation must observe and if needed protect the free market where and when it can.
  3. The Nation must respect that Western European Men and Ideas are its foundation and core.
  4. The Nation must respect and defend the freedom of its citizens as laid out in the Bill of Rights.
  5. The Nation must always maintain a balanced budget, neither debt nor surplus is acceptable.
  6. The Nation must defend its borders from immigration, invasion or open attack.
  7. The Nation must defend and define citizenship. Natural Birth or Civil Service are the ONLY paths to citizenship in the nation.
  8. The Nation must not allow non citizens to have rights equivalent to citizens.
  9. The Nation must allow all men the right to purchase and carry firearms, with no restrictions.
  10. The Nation must not allow citizens to engage in violent crime, theft, terrorism or rape.
  11. The Nation must not engage itself in foreign wars or intervention. Only direct defense of the Nation is acceptable.

Part 2: The Citizen

  1. The Citizen is subject to taxation, however has the right to dispute the amount and/or services provided to him.
  2. The Citizen can be drafted to civil service or military action in time of war.
  3. The Citizen can vote for leadership, only the citizen has this right. Government officials and non citizens may not vote.
  4. The Citizen may defend themselves, subject to liability if proven to be in the wrong.
  5. The Citizen can trade freely for any good or service and the Nation may not interfere with said exchange unless it is a clear and direct threat to the Nation.
  6. The Citizen’s “Rights” as defined under the Bill of Rights, are to be protected by the Nation.
  7. The Citizen may print and distribute their own currency, subject to fraud and liability laws.
  8. The Citizen may request a fair trial for accused wrongdoings.
  9. The Citizen may not advocate communism, socialism or non family kin centered lifestyles without recourse.
  10. Physical removal of bad actors will be decided upon by the laws and courts of the Nation.
  11. The Citizen may have a trial before being removed, a non citizen must be removed on the spot without trial.

Part 3: The Market

  1. The market must be allowed to work freely, interpersonal, interstate and internationally.
  2. Supply and Demand must always be respected, for the market to function properly.
  3. Any industry that can be run privately, must be run privately.
  4. Regulation of free exchange can only be discussed in accordance with the Constitution, only when a threat to the safety of the Citizens and Nation can be objectively proven, and may only be implemented temporarily.
  5. International trade deals may only be made individually between the Nation and one other Nation, and only allowed if they benefit the Nation, it’s Citizens and the Market.
  6. No Central Bank or Official Currency can be allowed or respected by the Nation.
  7. It is the responsibility of both the Citizen and the Nation to protect, defend and observe the Market.
  8. The Market is a tool to better the lives of Citizens and the health of the Nation.
  9. The means of production must be owned by private Citizens in order to get competition and thus, efficiency from them.
  10. Competition in the Market is a virtue, creating new and better methods of production over time.
  11. The Nation and Market serve the Citizen, however the Citizen is required to put forth effort to protect and defend the Nation and the Market.
  • Agonistes

    I had been doing some reading since the idea was floated around about the tenets of Natcap and found that Rothbard had already started thinking about the pushback against the ridiculousness of socialists using their manufactured jingoism with actual patriotism except obviously based on praxeology and the action axiom. If you didn’t already check these there’s a Mises article from the 70’s and a lot of it specifically in his book Economic Controversies II.

  • Justin Keith

    I really like the breakdown, and appreciate that it defends the market unlike many nationalist approaches.

    Some thoughts:

    I think that 3.4 won’t work, because whatever is accepted for taxes will become the defacto currency. I’m okay with a nation issuing its own currency, but not at interest and with strict controls on amounts which are verifiable by everyone (as, for instance, Bitcoin is). Furthermore, over 90% of inflation is due to interest collected by private banks, fractional reserve lending should be considered fraud and treated as such. This should in no way prevent 2.7.

    I believe a land value tax to be the one most consonant with both libertarianism and nationalism. It could cause a violation of 1.5 by creating short-term surpluses in certain situations.

    As much as I like the concept of freedom of expression, I agree with 2.9 as advocacy of such a system is destructive of the ability of the nation to serve individuals and claiming that it works, not merely that one likes the idea, is a solidly-proven lie. I’m curious what the recourse is.

    I agree with 1.8, but it’s vague, but 1.10 covers it.

    I especially appreciate 3.11 as it’s what I find missing from the corpus of libertarian thought. It should probably go under the citizen section technically even though that would break the even distribution of precepts.

    What’s missing:

    * The ability for a political subdivision to secede. Not sure this is important if the nation is small enough.
    * The laboratory of political subdivisions. Again, not sure if this is important if the nation is small enough.
    * A lack of distinction between police officer and Citizen, though 1.9 is related. Police should be considered hired guns only and have no powers that a Citizen does not have and certainly no access to weapons prohibited a Citizen.

    • Max Sand

      appreciate the feedback.

      So firstly, The 10th Amendment covers secession and state’s rights, so secession is sort of built into that, and since i invoked the Bill of Rights(1st-10th amendments) I figured that worked.

      I am forseeing crypto currency as overtaking standard currency soon enough, and a free market in currency will pick a winner, the state won’t need to mint it. But preventing others from minting currency defeats the purpose of free market. The inflation argument is strong, however giving the government the power to make a currency is not consistent throughout american history, which I can say sort of proves decentralized currency can and will be used to pay taxes. I am partial to property tax and sales tax only. Not a fan of income tax, obviously.

      I do believe police have some level of, not powers but authority, as a representative of the law. I would see them functioning just like are supposed to now in theory, maybe less free reign. They would still be citizens, and thus subject to arbitration and criminal charges when they are malicious or in error, of course. I forsaw states, not the Nation, figuring that out tho, tbh.

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    • Max Sand


  • Squatter Squad

    Sounds good.

  • Zak Douglas

    Most importantly No Niggers…. iron man would agree

  • Jack Burton

    Sounds good except for the “civic nationalism” and vague “Western man” reference. That should be explicitly stated as white Western man, European man.

    The first American immigration law specifically stated WHITE men of good character. They didn’t say “Western” man or guy who believes in muh freedom and muh democracy. We’re late game here, boys. There’s no more time for foolishness.

    • Max Sand

      Well, it says “Western European Men”, which means, literally, men from the Western part of Europe(IE England, France, Germany, Ireland, Nordic Lands ect.). I can see how it would be perceived as that “Western Chauvinism” horseshit, but I was trying to be explicit about where these ideas came from without scaring away all the Normies.

    • Skin color is irrelevant; it’s all about culture. There are plenty of hard working black conservatives who prize western civilization.