MuhFeelzian Rhetoric: The Hip New Philosophy For Cucks

Rhetoric deals with the emotions of the audience, whereas MuhFeelzian Rhetoric is only concerned with the emotions of the speaker.

muh feelz

It is usually signified by anecdotes, nitpicking data to spin it for the speaker’s own agenda, or calling the other person in the debate “racist, homophobic and misogynistic” in order to signal their virtue to the audience, which is also to feed their emotion.

The only known response to Muhfeelzian rhetoric is to dismiss and mock it. We often talk about principled libertarians without context or nuance being autistic. Muhfeelzian is the left’s version of autism.

Autism is not having an understanding of social structures, Muhfeelzian is caring only about social standing, even when the facts are against your position.

The point is not to be right, but to be accepted. The acceptance isn’t about social standing, it is a vapid narcissistic attempt at self aggrandizement.

Muhfeelzians will often talk about empathy, EQ (Emotional Quotient, a faggy made up version of IQ) or collective identity to the extreme (“We are all ONE, MANNNNNN”). This is to cover for the fact that, to the Muhfeelzian Argumentarian, the only Feelz that matter, are those of themselves.

They will talk about starving children, or downtrodden minorities or “the poor” and “the oppressed” but in reality these are merely tools to get their fix of virtue validation.

The Truth is, when you present the actual problem, they could take the moral high ground and do something to fix it, but it’s so much easier to vote away their troubles and then blame those fat cats on Wall Street or the Evil Republicans!

They aren’t doing anything but bitching about Capitalism on an IMac while drinking Starbucks, never seeing their own hypocrisy but loving to try to point out the hypocrisy in you.

Never answer Rhetoric with Dialectic, but in the case of MuhFeelzians, even Rhetoric is pointless, respond with mockery. The only thing they understand is rejection, this gets them more pissed than a Muslim at a cartoon contest.

The best way to win with them is to call them troglodyte faggots and move on.