Memorial Day: Bringing Out The Worst In Left-Libertarians

With another Memorial Day come and gone, it is important for the rightist libertarian to reflect on the implications of left-libertarian OUGHTism.


If you are like me, your social media feeds were probably blowing up on Monday with images of burning flags, beta-cuck signaling against the nation state and military, and historical revisionism asserting that newly freed slaves were the ones that actually came up with the holiday following the Civil War.

That claim was debunked years ago, but that didn’t stop white leftists from taking to Facebook to say that the black origins of Memorial Day are just another thing that is being covered up by the cis-white-hetero-patriarchy.

Obviously, some historical perspective is instructive here. Memorial Day was an official observance day in the South that originated with the Ladies Memorial Association of Columbus, Georgia in the Spring of 1866 that was used to honor those who died fighting for the Confederacy.

The date chosen for the holiday was April 26, the first anniversary of Confederate General Joesph E. Johnston’s final surrender to Union General William Tecumseh Sherman at Bennett Place, NC.

In 1868, a group of Decatur, Illinois Union veterans called the Grand Army of the Republic co-opted the Southern holiday and deemed it “Decoration Day” –  a day for the nation to decorate the graves of the Union war dead with flowers, first observed that year on May 30.

By the 20th century, the competing Union and Confederate traditions had merged, and Memorial Day eventually became a celebration to honor all Americans who had died during military service.

This history is important. As with many traditions following the Civil War, the new centralized leviathan state attempted to sweep away any vestiges of Southern independence and reverence for the Confederacy during the Reconstruction Era.

In the current year, internationalist interests are attempting to do the same to the idea of the nation state – and it is left-libertarians who are helping them. Conversations about the reasons for Southern secession, slavery, and the imperial presidency of Lincoln aside, the Confederacy represented a mechanism of decentralization in the face of the Nationalist paradigm in the United States during the 19th century.

In the same way, the idea of Nationalism currently represents a mechanism of decentralization in the face of globalism (international government trade deals, government facilitated and subsidized immigration, foreign governing bodies like the United Nations, etc.)

Left-libertarians are doing the Marxists’ work for them. This isn’t any surprise since they are fundamentally culturally Marxist at their core, but their idea that destroying American sovereignty will somehow lead to a free society, is at best naive, and without historical perspective.

The communist plan has always been one of global government. Marx envisioned a world gripped by internationalist proletarian struggle and revolution that would inevitably result in a world socialist system. After consolidating power, this global state according to Marx, would then wither away creating a classless and stateless society.

Nation states are incompatible with this theory and must be attacked by the far-left at every turn. This includes the degradation of national symbols like the American flag, the promotion of open-borders, and the relinquishing of sovereign powers to international bodies or supranational unions of states.

Theses are all moves toward centralization of government and should be rebuked by right thinking people. Again, to advocate Nationalism within the current political climate is to advocate decentralization – and it is within the paradigm of Nationalism that further mechanisms of decentralization can be cultivated.

These will include things like invoking “states rights:” nullification of federal laws, the withdrawing of federal funding, the refusal to abide by Supreme Court rulings, and ultimately secession. From there we can decentralize further and localize until enclaves emerge ultimately resulting in a Hoppean private law society.

The road will be long, hard, dangerous, and is unlikely to come to fruition within the scope of our lifetimes. This is the reality of the situation that libertarian OUGHTists cannot accept. The alternative however, is the much greater evil. Yes we want a free society, but we do not want to sacrifice our people, traditions, and way of life at the alter of internationalism in hopes of someday abolishing the state.

Instead, we must smash the left at every turn and preserve symbols emblematic of the nationalist ideal. These include things like the American flag, and entails the promotion of things like Memorial Day. While I’m certainly not an apologist for the U.S. government or it’s military interventionism, the stakes are much too high not to see the value of refusing to engage in left-libertarian petulance.

The idea of a Nation transcends the government that rules it. A Nation is a common people with a common culture, traditions and values. In the west, this primarily means a reverence for individual liberty. The destruction of Western Nations means the destruction of liberty and the transition towards an Orwellian nightmare.