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1st Irregulars retro wave:

Top waifu Lauren Southern on Life:

Commies #GetCoptured:

Rothbard on racial science:

All hail Pepechet! (Yes this is an original 1st Irregulars meme that you saw everywhere in 2016):


Augustus Invictus on death:

Retro Hoppe:

Mencken on the Civil War:

Hey kid… bet you cant try just one…


Molyneux on greatness:

If only it hadn’t been for those darn Irregulars!


Anti-Communist Action:

“The Rose Tree” by William Yeats:

For when faggots be hating on the Roman salute:


Evola on the Heroic Vision:

Have you heard the story about Christopher Cantwell the Incredible Cuck?


Tom Woods on the abolitionists:

Break the conditioning fam:

Bowden on Byron’s ideal:


Do you @BlameMaxSand?

From Mike “throw them over the fence Pence”:

Direct quote from Ian Freeman:

Irregulars step in shit: