Libertarianism’s Death: Why You Don’t Need To Cry About It

Last night I declared boldly that Libertarianism was Dead. I was mostly serious too.

The LP National Convention was a disgrace, with fat hairy naked neckbeards, Gun Control Advocates winning the LP presidential nomination, A classless act of disrespect from the Presidential Nominee to the runner up, and all around leftist propaganda and degeneracy abounding. Yes, as far as mainstream politics is concerned, either Libertarianism is dead, or worse, it is something Rothbard and Hoppe never intended it to be: Leftist.

It’s OK my conservative minded liberty friends, let them have it. It hasn’t represented us anyway, and even Ron Paul, an ICON of liberty, realized a long, long time ago the LP was a lost cause. Indeed, Rothbard, Hoppe, Block, and pretty much the entire Mises Institute has abandoned the LP in all but a cheerleading capacity, and it’s about time we drop that support too.

The fact is, what has the LP accomplished? The LP was founded in 1972 as a Vanguard Party. The idea was to promote the ideas, and maybe, possibly get some people elected. Yet, even with that mentality, Ron Paul opened more minds to this under the GOP banner in 08 and 12 than anyone ever did with the actual LP. In fact, since 1972 the government has gotten bigger, more intrusive and more regulatory.

You can blame the major parties for that, and the public at large, but how long can you say “see how bad they are?” and get nothing more than some bitching on the internet done, before you either change the message or give up? The LP chose to change the message and can you really blame them? Catering to neckbeards and autists has gotten them nowhere.

In 2012 Gary Johnson, on a 25 million dollar loan, ran for the LP. He was not allowed on ANY national debates and got about 1.2 million votes, or roughly 1% of the general votes. This is no small accomplishment for a 3rd party, and he is poised to do more this election, but should we really rally behind a guy and be thrilled when he get 3% or 5% and loses anyway? Gary implored us in 2012 “Be Libertarian with me, this one election”. Well Gary, I did, you lost, I am holding you to that.

Even ignoring the politics involved, there is some MAJOR issues with the positions the LP officially endorses. Open Immigration is one of the top planks of the LP platform. It is NOT dependent on reducing or ending the welfare subsidies which drive most of the illegal immigration we see, nor is it dependent on ending minimum wage laws, which allow illegals to come in and work under the table for less than citizens who might well take a 5$ an hour job if offered, but fear the tax man.

If you do not end these policies and more, you are just subsidizing non tax payers with tax payer money. Schools, food stamps, flat-out welfare and Social Security payments, illegals are getting all that and more on the taxpayer’s dime. With that in mind, can you even blame them? End those programs and maybe, possibly some sort of open immigration policy could function in theory, but there is always the cultural difference issue, and the Racial IQ Gap which could still derail the whole thing in a hurry, especially if these kind of violent crime numbers coincide with it.

So what, you may ask, is the solution? “I’m still a libertarian” you may say, and that’s great for you, but you must at least admit that the movement is hijacked by communists and leftists. It’s overrun with them, and guess what? They define the terms. They own the very word itself now, and they outnumber you and I 10 to 1 at best.

I am not sure what the answer is, but I DAMN SURE I will not be lumped in the same category as THIS ASSHOLE and his ilk, promoting pedophilia and polyamory as healthy, nor will I be lumped in with the DUDE WEED crowd who favored Bernie FUCKING Sanders up until now, and is just deciding, as if by magic, they are libertarian socialist………

The answer for me is not to be a libertarian anymore. Oh of course I still believe in free market economics, and personal choice. We have rejected the NAP for a while here in the Irregulars crowd, but I still believe non aggression is a net positive, of course. However should I define myself by the same word that pedophiles and degenerates use? Should I claim to be a word that represents open borders faggotry, transgender tyranny and if you disagree calls you a racist? I don’t know about you goyim, but I certainly won’t anymore. What term should we use? Well, Helicopter Enthusiast seems to work for me.