Is Greg Johnson A Fed?

Is Greg Johnson, of Counter Currents, a fed? Or possibly an intentional disruptor? Or a guy just trying to make his website more relevant?

These are questions that I’ve been pondering for a while. I typically don’t go to his website, but I have been familiar with it for a long time. Right after the election, I went to a local meet up. A guy I met there asked some of us if we sent Greg Johnson our resumes.

Greg Johnson allegedly told Nathan Damigo, founder of Identity Evropa, that he had a contact in the Trump administration and that he would pass on resumes in order to try to get their people jobs.

As soon as I heard that, I was very skeptical of him. To my knowledge, no one who submitted their resume got a job. My initial thoughts were that Johnson was just a guy trying to sound cool in the Alt-Right community in order to become more popular. Just check the guy’s Alexa ranking and compare it to others in the movement. It could be something worse.

We know that Johnson is a homosexual. While some homosexuals are right wing, most are leftists. He could have created Counter Currents for the purpose of causing drama with those on the right to divide and disrupt people. He could have gotten people to send him a resume in order to dox them in the future once he gathers the intel he wants.

Maybe he’s a fed trying to gain information. He never publicly shares his face, but has no problem using what is apparently his real name. Maybe his reasoning for that is that is someone somewhere might recognize him and it would be revealed that he’s not who he says.

I have no problem attacking other people in the movement, but I try to avoid making allegations like these. The only people who knew about my issues with Greg Johnson prior to today are people I know in real life.

I never posted about this stuff on my social media. Today however, it was alleged that Johnson crossed a serious line and I will not be holding back. Here is what Richard Spencer and Daniel Friberg shared today on that inspired me to make this post:

In a thread on the TRS Forum, Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing leveled a number of serious charges against Daniel Friberg, one of our Founders and Editors—without offering any evidence. Furthermore, Greg urged the entire Alt-Right movement to “shun” or “expel” Daniel and Arktos Media based on these unsupported—and sometimes illogical and contradictory—accusations.

The controversy centers around the Scandza forum, which held a recent conference at which Greg was a speaker and guest. Before the conference began, Greg issued a request that Daniel should not be allowed to attend (effectively, “it’s either him or me”). Greg’s actions have been confirmed by multiple people on the Board who’ve spoken with the conference organizers and others. Bringing this level of divisiveness to Swedish nationalism is bad enough, but Greg made matters worse when, after receiving criticism, he brazenly lied about what occurred, claiming that the conference organizers, and not him, disinvited Daniel, and that, in fact, he urged them not to take these actions. Apparently, Greg has little compunction over throwing his hosts and sponsors under the bus.

More potentially damaging than Greg’s petty lies are his claims that Daniel Friberg,

  1. Doxxed the organizers of The Scandza Forum to the Antifa, apparently in revenge for being disinvited;
  2. Was an “embezzler” of funds from his own company, Arktos;
  3. Destroyed “an endless list of people both personally and financially.”

. . . it must be made clear that this behavior from Greg is nothing new. In recent years, he has attacked the following individuals, making unfounded accusations, sometimes demanding denunciations, or just randomly kvetching:

  1. Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer;
  2. Hunter Wallace of The Occidental Dissent;
  3. Richard Spencer of NPI and Radix;
  4. Matt Parrot and Matthew Heimbach of The Traditionalist Workers Party.

The repeated public and behind-the-scenes attacks on Daniel, along with the people above, stem from Greg’s wish to be THE leader and guru of the Alternative Right (or nationalist opposition or whichever term you prefer) . . .

So, why is Greg Johnson causing all of this drama with Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, Matthew Heimbach, Hunter Wallace and Matt Parrot? Maybe we’ll never know.

Based off the information we have now, I urge everyone to avoid the guy as much as possible, and to stand with Daniel Friberg of Arktos Media and

  • Phil Miller

    Any pictures of him? Link us up fam.

  • Rabbi Bergblattsteinowitz

    I don’t plan to stand with the alt-kike OR this faggot. The alt-kike fighting amongst itself is good.

    • Roger Patino

      Hey did you write a review on IMDB for the greatest story never told once? I can’t seem to find it anymore. If you have it saved can you send it to me? It had me on the floor laughing. Something about your 6-year-old grandfather being killed by an electric floor after being gassed 3 times lol