Collectivism: Our Greatest Weapon Against The Left

Triggered? If you are a libertarian autist, you might be. It’s ok. Just, instead of angrily skimming the article for more trigger words, maybe this one time, you read it. The headline was meant to piss you off, stupid.

There has always been a fairly simple strategy to keep those who would destroy society from doing so, the same strategy the cultural marxists have targeted to great success. It’s really simple and you can understand it almost inherently, but I will spell it out since many of you recovering libertarians are looking for meaning in the wake of it’s tragic demise.

Hyper individualism, like that showed by many prominent libertarians such as Ian “The Secret” Freeman and Adam (((Kokesh))) – it’s appealing, right? I can do whatever the fuck I want, no consequences? Sign me up. The fact is, even in Libertopia or Ancapistan, the delusional thought experiments many libertarians blabber on about without context, would have cost.

The cost, you see, is related to the core tenets any society must adhere to in order to maintain order. Whether there be a government or not, these four concepts, in this order, are what make human society possible on a massive scale. Undermining them makes you complicit in the cultural Marxist scheme to destroy it and replace it with global communism.


  • Family – Simple right? Just Family. This is your nuclear family, but more than that, your extended family as well. Some people in this group may even be friends with no blood, but serve the same purpose. Spouses, kids, aunts, uncles, parents, cousins. This is the first collective structure that society recognizes built around you, the individual. There is no force involved in this, so breathe easy OUGHTistic recovering libertarian, you can disassociate if you want to, or “defoo” as the cool kids say. You might not want to, however. That social structure is a safety net, and in a world without massive welfare subsidies, surely if trouble comes up, you would want family there to save your ass.


  • Community – Families will live near each other. With similar value systems and customs, well, it’s likely they will form a “tribe” or community. Even if they are somewhat different, the very idea of living next to each other sort of forces the hand of the tribes to, at the very least, have a sort of unspoken truce. The community is an extension of the family, with or without blood relations – and as such  – also functions as a safety net and social bulwark against invading forces and outside influence. A strong community keeps you safe, not only from the “evil state” but hostile neighbors, invaders from far off lands, and even threats within such as rapists and child predators, via reputation in a community and of course, Physical Removal of communists, democrats, degenerates and other undesirables, so to speak.


  • Economy – No matter if this is governmental or private, people have to trade in their community and often with outsiders as well. You need currency, and when you have those two things (demand for trade and currency) – BOOM, economy is born. Whether it be socialist in nature, with taxes taken by a central authority and allocated, or pure capitalist, it’s an economy and it’s needed to keep the family and community tied together AND to make ties to the outside world as well, if desired. Recovering Libertarians LOVE this one, as they should, but always remember, without family and community in place, economy will fracture and fall apart. People can trade with strangers in a vacuum of human relationships, sure, but they have more vested interest in getting the money to circulate among their community when they have ties to it – which benefits all involved, no matter how you pay for the services such as roads, police and schools.


  • Culture – Culture is what develops naturally in a given region when communities with overlapping economies develop common identities. Languages, music, art, philosophy, religion, fashion -these things are what tie communities into a culture. Culture is organic and is the last bulwark of a civilization against being subverted or conquered. People do not want their kids indoctrinated into a culture foreign to their own, generally, in a society built as listed here.

Destabilization of these things results in societal decay and eventually collapse. Undermining or changing the culture, in subtle ways over a long time, is a tenet of cultural Marxism, as is attacks on community, economy and family. They require collapse and social decay in order to be replaced with a massive daddy state that thinks for you, cares for you and throws you away when done.

If you want to fight communists, the only way to do it is through these age-old, tried and true forms of organic collectivism, and to stand up when they try to subvert Western Culture, European Culture, American Culture and indeed, HuWhite Culture. Embrace your family, or start a new one. Be a pillar in your community, or at least make clear ties to people in it. Trade and produce in your economy, locally, wherever possible and above all PROTECT your culture. Teach it to your children, grandchildren and so on. If our cultures, economies, communities and families die off, so too shall our future.