How Civilization Falls, Part I: Male vs Female

The mind of a man is one of a provider. Evolutionarily speaking, man has needed to provide resources to his family to ensure their well being. Nature provides a constant struggle for survival, as resources are scarce, and competition requires men to out-think their rivals.

This competition and scarcity has selected for clever men who are capable of out-competing their rivals and providing excess resources. Natural selection has sculpted strong, capable men, and cooperation between this caliber of man is what builds society. Being a competent provider requires a grounding in reality. Analyzing a situation from an objective, fact-based position confers an extreme advantage to those who wish to harvest resources.

Noticing patterns, understanding their origins and results, and applying such information is what gave males of the past an advantage in the acquisition of resources – and opened up mating opportunities to the ones most capable of providing them. A man’s mind is one that has been evolutionarily selected to be objective. A man’s power is derived from his ability to manipulate the physical world in order to provide resources for himself and his family.

Conversely, the primary function of women has been to give birth and rear children. Women have a constant need for resources to maintain their health and the health of their offspring. A woman’s power is not derived from the manipulation of the environment, but from the manipulation of information. Women have little physical power over men. The power that women have lies within the realm of ideas.

A typical man is capable of overpowering almost any woman. Physically, he is able to rape any woman at his leisure. It is only when the idea of rape is made immoral or socially unacceptable that a woman can insure herself against rape. Other men capable of stopping a rapist are a woman’s primary defense against rape. By placing herself in an environment alongside the capable men who make the society possible, a woman can minimize the need for her physical abilities and maximize the effects of her ability to manipulate ideas.

A woman’s survival mechanism is her ability to manipulate men to do her bidding. Because a man’s realm is the physical world and a woman’s realm is the social world, it stands to reason that a harsher environment will result in a greater demand for men’s physical prowess. As long as unabated nature remains a threat, women must defer to the wills of the providing men. It is only when the physical problems of scarcity and natural dangers are solved that women can ply their craft.

Throughout history, nature has proven a constant adversary to humanity, and the world of idea manipulation has existed only within the confines of the male-erected barricades against nature. Any man who deferred to the will of his woman in such a harsh environment wouldn’t have been unable to acquire the resources needed to procreate, and so such behavior was selected against. Men who overruled the preferences of their female counterparts thrived.

That pattern of survival changes when a society has accumulated enough resources and has developed a stable enough philosophical underpinning to be considered civilized. An excess of wealth and a culture that encourages sustainable behavior leads to a decadence to which humanity is not accustomed. In the span of an evolutionary moment, the selection pressures of a society change: rather than competing to extract resources from nature, we now compete to extract resources from each other.

The typically male ability to analyze reality and apply that understanding to acquire resources has been supplanted by the typically female ability to acquire resources by manipulating ideas. We no longer live in the harsh environment that strong, capable males were needed to survive in. We now live in an environment that favors women who are capable of manipulating the social fabric of our society to provide them resources, without a man to ground their desires in a reality based on scarcity.

Our society is now shaped around ideas that are comforting and anti-confrontational, and that lack any grounding in natural phenomena. Women have always held dominion over the social fabric – what is acceptable and what is unacceptable – and now, that social fabric makes up the entirety of our civilization’s survival strategy. Because women were not historically tasked with the survival of the tribe, the ideas that they propagate are largely based on personal whims and comforts, and are generally not conducive to sustainable societal development.

With women at the helm, society begins to decay. Civilized society is not the only society, however. There are competing agents from different cultures that will take advantage of the near-unlimited resources offered by a decadent culture seated in fantasy rather than reality. That subject however, will be covered in a future installment of this series.