Blacks And The Formation Of A Free Society

What can be said for the future of the modern American Black? Should he be expected to reach the level of the white man, and does he hold a place in a free society? As the percentage of blacks in the United States expands towards 15% and racial tensions grow deeper, we must explore the problems that the black population pose and suggest solutions.

While many conservatives, and liberals alike, hold the belief that blacks can be reformed, and are held back only by their environment and social situation, I propose that blacks cannot be expected to play a role in a libertarian nation. This bucks the trend in mainstream libertarianism to ignore race as a mindless form of identity politics and instead focus on hyper-individualism. It is my stance that a middle ground, one that tends towards individualism without ignoring the role that groups play, can be found here. It is this middle ground that can help us navigate the possible outcomes for various identity groups in a free society.

To understand the situation in American we must first look at the black of the past, the tribal African. Like all groups of humans the early blacks formed tribal bands with primitive tools and shelters. These bands were largely hunter-gatherers and often had conflict with neighboring tribes. While northern Africa and parts of west Africa saw the rise and fall of empires the majority of the vast continent saw only sparse civilization and maintained these primitive societies even if they developed agriculture. The liberal explanation for this is the doctrine of guns, germs and steel which maintains that Africa lacked sufficient resources to form civilization. A more right-wing, and in my eyes correct, approach would be to say that the Africans never lowered their time-preferences as the result of easily available food. This left the Africans with poor foresight, high time-preference and a low IQ of 70 to 85.

These primitive societies lasted much longer than the ones in Europe and as a result concepts like private property, a precursor for liberty never developed in much of Africa. Even in modern Africa a number of hunter-gatherer tribes still exist and the “civilized” sections are almost exclusively oligarchies and dictatorships.

The Africans who eventually became the American blacks are the progeny of these nations and tribes, raised and developed either in tribal cultures or harsh dictatorships with little concept of freedom and liberty. In contrast to the white European, the American Black’s exposure with liberty comes not from molding it and birthing it in his own nation but by being handed it, either at the end of slavery or whenever he entered a western nation. Blacks therefore lack the long running cultural desire for liberty and freedom seen in the White man. If they know of liberty at all then it is from absorbing it from the white, often times only partially as the ghettos they live in show.

While many modern Blacks seem to be in favor of freedom when it comes to consuming drugs or some other triviality few seem to care for the responsibility that freedom brings. Is it any wonder then that blacks make up almost none of the libertarian community and when they do enter politics it is almost exclusively as a tool of the left-wing. The most widely celebrated black political figures, Malcolm X and MLK, were both communists/socialists and had goals could only be achieved through violent redistribution.

I would be amiss if I did not pay some note to the so-called “talented tenth” of blacks. While it is true that there are examples of blacks within the libertarian movement they are few and far between, and they pose the future problem of regression to the mean should they live within a free society. Regression to the mean is the tenancy of IQ and therefore time preference to regress to the average level for a racial group when the group is not undergoing eugenics. These High IQ blacks may even give birth to children of high IQ themselves, but as time goes on the group will regress to the average 85 IQ and return to a high time-preference. When this regression occurs blacks will become less successful and likely turn again to the violent and unworkable left-wing ideologies they currently prefer, if they enter politics at all.

What can therefore be done to craft from the American population one that would prefer and thrive in a free society? Certainly this large group stands in the way of achieving any such goals. There is a solution to this problem that could be carried out with minimal bloodshed and would likely be amicable to the black population at its onset. This solution is self-segregation and an adaptation of ethno-nationalism.

We must begin by decoupling the black man from the state. This starts by slashing the welfare state and public benefits programs, repealing any form of affirmative action and de-funding any institution that pushes lies or excuses for the history of blacks. We must promote an understanding of racial difference and IQ differences across genetic groups, and we must rebuild a sense of national and racial pride amongst whites. With these steps in place blacks will cease to be treated as the children wide society currently treats them as and will be forced to take responsibility. This will grow the demand for black institutions outside of the government, for community groups and a strong black church, the more separate and unassisted by the government they feel the better.

With affirmative action and public benefits gone they will group together in their own communities and isolate from the greater country. At this point gentrification plays an important role in reclaiming once great American cities. As the public benefit of price controlled rent will be gone the blacks will be pushed from these cities into neighboring low-income regions, and as property values rise with time and increased population the regions they live in will constantly shrink. As the regions continue to shrink we should promote self-governance, push for an all black regional government and all black police and fire service. We should allow them to become as autonomous as they’ve always screamed they wanted.

The optimist might claim that such a region would allow only the best to survive, but it is my belief that these regions will eventually collapse economically and socially. Regardless it will lead its people to live out their existence far from the eye of the common white, or leave to another country should they scrounge together enough money. Either way, we are left either with manageable concentration zones and a falling black population, or a micro-nation of Thomas Sowells.