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Libertarianism’s Death: Why You Don’t Need To Cry About It

Last night I declared boldly that Libertarianism was Dead. I was mostly serious too. The LP National Convention was a disgrace, with fat hairy naked neckbeards, Gun Control Advocates winning the LP presidential nomination, A classless act of disrespect from the Presidential Nominee to the runner up, and all around leftist propaganda and degeneracy abounding. Yes, as far as mainstream politics is ...

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MuhFeelzian Rhetoric: The Hip New Philosophy For Cucks

Rhetoric deals with the emotions of the audience, whereas MuhFeelzian Rhetoric is only concerned with the emotions of the speaker. It is usually signified by anecdotes, nitpicking data to spin it for the speaker’s own agenda, or calling the other person in the debate “racist, homophobic and misogynistic” in order to signal their virtue to the audience, which is also ...

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