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What Happened To America First Foreign Policy?

Aside from immigration, there exists no other pursuit of the modern American regime that stands at such a stark contrast with the views of the majority than foreign policy. Upon tacitly glancing at the 20th century, one might be left to conclude that the traditional America First position on war has all but been swept into the dustbin of history. George Washington quantified the ...

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Traditional Sexual Norms Are Oppressive Patriarchy Maaaannnnnn

Falling into the Cultural Marxist trap, left-libertarians like Ian Freeman Cuckman and his degenerate team of hipster betas, admitted communists, and wrist-slitting teenie boppers in Keene, NH celebrate their opposition to traditional sexual norms. Doing the state’s work for them, the Keene polyamory cult opposes everything good and wholesome, rationalizing that “as long as it’s voluntary maaaannnn,” its not anybody’s ...

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Memorial Day: Bringing Out The Worst In Left-Libertarians

With another Memorial Day come and gone, it is important for the rightist libertarian to reflect on the implications of left-libertarian OUGHTism. If you are like me, your social media feeds were probably blowing up on Monday with images of burning flags, beta-cuck signaling against the nation state and military, and historical revisionism asserting that newly freed slaves were the ...

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