The Alpha And Beta Males Of Politics

When one thinks of an alpha male, they picture a leader – a self reliant, competent and confident man. They stick to themselves doing the things necessary to improve their self. This sets trends that those around them freely choose to follow.


This is a right wing trait. The right wing small or no government position embodies independence. Rightists seek to be the change they want to see in the world in their own lives and posses the ability to accomplish what they choose to. They lift weights, keep healthy lifestyles and take charge of their own lives and financial futures.

Donald Trump is a perfect example of an alpha – someone who with a loan of $1 million, now has a multi billion dollar empire. The beta leftist seeks to point to this fact like it is somehow a demerit. Trump provided a 9000 percent return for his father’s investment.

The leftist mindset does not rely on fact or reason, it operates from a place of envy. As you can see from guys like John Oliver, his entire show is an exercise in virtue signaling and self deprecation that is geared towards making light of others and their accomplishments.

This type of media has an effect on the populace. When someone stands for something or accomplishes something there is a full-on leftist attack on them to belittle their success. There is an old Japanese proverb that says “the nail that stands the tallest is the first to get hammered.” I find that repulsive, for I am one tall standing nail.

The beta-cucks attack men of success and accomplishment because they themselves know deep down they do not have any ability or merit. They are mediocre at best, and at worst, are complete parasitic garbage on our societies’ psychological ideals and incentives. Betas signal for equality and seek to go along to get along. Even if it means working and having half of their stuff taken, they cuck for the less motivated.

The AltRight is the public relations face of the alphas that seek to improve the world through thought provoking statements of truth. Even if that truth is “racist,” it still remains true. Only a confident alpha male dare face the backlash of speaking such truth, regardless of how it affects their social standing.

We seek to embolden people to stand up against the accusations of racism, sexism and bigotry – and are attempting to create a generation of young men and women with enough moral fortitude to defend what’s good and decent in the world. We want to leave the world better than we found it and secure not only a future for our people but one that our forefathers would be proud of.

I will leave you with this quote from Stefan Molyneux: “There has been this tear down of everything that is beautiful, everything that has a potential for greatness, or nobility, or to inspire. Because the groups that want to control us want us to feel small – and in order to make us fell small, and therefore worthy of only being ruled, they must take care never to expose us to anything great.”