Monthly Archives: March 2017

Public Attitudes Surrounding Diversity And Multiculturalism

The debate around the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism is a raging one. In order to analyze general political attitudes, assess incoherent views, and extract a larger perspective in relation to government policy, one needs to take a look at views seeking to promote inclusivity at school, in neighborhoods, and at the work place. These policies include immigration, affirmative action, racial and ...

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I’m The Libertarian, But You’re The Monster!

This thirty-minute video begins with Professor Walter Block describing how he first fell in love with Privatization while driving at the tender age of 18. “I remember looking down and just seeing her and just going… ‘Wow, it’s beautiful,’” Block explains. “I knew I was in deep, I had fallen for the Road.” Block mentions that a lot of his fantasies revolve ...

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The Bleak Future Of The Western Family Must Be Averted

The family forms the nucleus of community and civilization. Some data suggest however that maintaining these primary units will become harder and harder over time. Studies show that western social norms pertaining to traditional familial relationships have been evolutionarily selected for. Primarily this is to reduce social costs associated with less stable family arrangements. There are many group beneficial effects ...

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