Monthly Archives: December 2016

Manifest Content Destiny

As the Current Year winds down, the production over at your humble Meme Militia, 1st Irregulars, is winding up. This week saw the introduction of “Knights of the Round: Britcast”, our all new, all British show, and soon enough even more new shows will be added to our line up. In addition, we are lining up bigger guests, upping the ...

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The State Isn’t The Problem (Necessarily)

As is true for most of this sites audience, I too came from the libertarian movement. Libertarianism is a very easy worldview to get sucked into, with anarchy usually following. I don’t, and we shouldn’t blame anyone for being a libertarian, it is the natural reaction of European peoples to their impending destruction. When vastly different tribes are forced to ...

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Neoreactionaries Are Off Their Heads About Trump

In a November 11 article at Social Matter, Michael Perilloux analyzed the election of Donald Trump with respect to its meaning for the neoreactionary movement, speaking in the voice of all neoreactionaries. In this much, he is mostly correct. But there is much to be criticized about the goals discussed therein, as well as the means of reaching them. Let ...

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