Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fascism And Natural Order: A Brief Prototypical Critique

The argument that fascism preserves “natural order” is not persuasive. When examined in the proper historical context, one must conclude that the system is inorganic, resulting at the very least from inescapable circumstance. Reactionaries are made when there is little left to conserve. With all other options exhausted, counter revolutionary radicalism may be the only choice for attempting to salvage some modicum of civilized society. Fascism can facilitate this ...

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What Happened To America First Foreign Policy?

Aside from immigration, there exists no other pursuit of the modern American regime that stands at such a stark contrast with the views of the majority than foreign policy. Upon tacitly glancing at the 20th century, one might be left to conclude that the traditional America First position on war has all but been swept into the dustbin of history. George Washington quantified the ...

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