Monthly Archives: May 2016

Memorial Day: Bringing Out The Worst In Left-Libertarians

With another Memorial Day come and gone, it is important for the rightist libertarian to reflect on the implications of left-libertarian OUGHTism. If you are like me, your social media feeds were probably blowing up on Monday with images of burning flags, beta-cuck signaling against the nation state and military, and historical revisionism asserting that newly freed slaves were the ...

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MuhFeelzian Rhetoric: The Hip New Philosophy For Cucks

Rhetoric deals with the emotions of the audience, whereas MuhFeelzian Rhetoric is only concerned with the emotions of the speaker. It is usually signified by anecdotes, nitpicking data to spin it for the speaker’s own agenda, or calling the other person in the debate “racist, homophobic and misogynistic” in order to signal their virtue to the audience, which is also ...

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