1433 For The Fatherland

A smart man once said, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” In times as crazy as ours we are in desperate need for an idea that is capable to save us, our race and Western civilization.


As you all know, Europe is being overrun by third world migrants, the browning of America is progressing at an alarming pace, and all over the West the ruling elite is reacting in fear to populist uprisings – which only leads them to crack down on free speech more fervently. Especially here in Germany, which is from where I address you. The situation is very bleak. The back of my people, at least for now, seems to have been broken by a (((creative interpretation of history))).

In Western Germany in particular, the post-war reeducation has had its effect on the German psyche – for in the current year, many of my countrymen seem to think that the further you go to the left the more you fight for anti-totalitarianism. Hitler, on the other side, has been drilled into the people’s heads as the personification of everything that is right-wing, which is why too many are still scared to go down this road.

With every crime and every rape these “refugees” commit however, more and more people are throwing the old rulebook of political correctness aside and embracing right-wing populism. This process is facilitated by the elites, who – and I’m not making this up – actually invited a pedophile (((communist))) to speak on the 26th anniversary of the German reunification in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt a few days ago.

As cucked as most Germans are, they surely disagree with this guy’s statement that in order to save our civilization we would have to overcome nation states and embrace globalism. It is because of lunacy like this that the right-wing AfD (Alternative For Germany) stands at roughly 16 percent in the polls. Besides their rise, Germany is witnessing a vastly growing identitarian movement including factions like the BDP (Brotherhood of German Patriots) and the Identitäre Bewegung (Identitarian Movement).

If one looks across the border, the upcoming Austrian elections, in which FPÖ’s Hofer is likely to win, surely are a reason for hope, as are the Front National in France, the Sweden Democrats and, of course, Victor Orban in Hungary. Even with these flickers of hope however, I must say that in order to win this battle – which has just started and might last decades – greater numbers of our brothers and sisters will have to see the light.

Most people in Europe, who have managed to shift into dissident mode, have realized that socialism is a ruinous economic doctrine – as well as an accelerant with regard to the displacement of native Europeans. All the fog of leftist lies and pseudo-economics á la Krugman however, prohibits them from seeing how far it can, and indeed, must be taken. Let us not talk about restructuring public schools or the pension system. We must instead outdo ourselves in contemplation of how many of these government buildings must be burned to the fucking ground.

Here in Germany there will be no future for us if we continue to accept being plundered by these criminals in Berlin and Brussels, who then hand the concentration of might and money over to the power elite. We will not have a future with this leviathan on our back dragging us down, forcing us to subsidize our own displacement and continuously trying to brainwash us into becoming “tolerant citizens.” We must lay out a path towards a future, in which Europe and its people will continue to exist and where we have safeguards against the hijacking of our system by Soros & Co.

This can only be accomplished by radical decentralization. The almighty Hans-Hermann Hoppe laid out the plan, when a few months ago in Munich he called upon libertarians to drop the private law society as an utopian goal and instead aim for an “Europe of 1,000 Liechtensteins” (Liechtenstein is a small country between Switzerland and Austria). In a political climate, where the cracks in the formerly intact facade are wide open, we have a chance to gain people’s trust with this mixture of economic reason and racial populism. 1433, my friends, 14-fucking-33!

Since this is the platform that combines the above mentioned awakening of the white race with the Austrian School of Economics (aka reason), I am glad to announce that me and a few fashy goys from Krautland will contribute to the spreading of our ideas into German-speaking Europe. Besides writing articles we will also host regular hangouts and upload them to Youtube. Hell, we might even crash your hangout next time! This should suffice for now. Keep your heads up high, praise Rothbard as well as Kek and don’t race-mix. Auf Wiedersehen, Jungs.

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